Brickstream Device Manager is command central for Brickstream People Count Smart Devices. With Brickstream Device Manager, you are in full control of Brickstream Smart Devices at the retail store, regional or enterprise-wide level –anywhere, any time, on any device. Brickstream Device Manager is a comprehensive configuration and management application that allows your people count retail system to remotely access, manage, configure and troubleshoot Brickstream Smart Devices across multiple locations. A central dashboard console displays the current status of all appliances and supports real-time or scheduled configuration changes and device maintenance. Brickstream People Count Smart Devices can be managed without direct access to in-store networks with Brickstream Device Manager. This eliminates the need to individually update each device when making changes. Instead, you can create a single task and apply it to multiple devices. Brickstream Device Manager also allows real-time monitoring of the Brickstream People Count Smart Device’s field of view.

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