CCTV System

CCTV system are deployed to prevent theft and vandalism of property, and act as a deterrent to petty thieves and illegal activities to conduct a centralize security management for large no. of shops and counters. CCTV system provides automatic recording function to facilitate the provision of relevant video video to the police.

CCTV system aid surveillance and law enforcement activities of the police force by recording video, it also reduce insignificance conflict between staff & customer; CCTV system video recording can be excellent training material for demonstrate the actual working practice or case study to your staff to maximize the training quality in specific industry.

After install CCTV system camera and video server in the store, staff can obtains real-time video surveillance in mobile device such as iPhone or Tablet and other stores by internet in the district headquarters.

Beside CCTV System, most of corporate retail shop has installed People Count System to statistics the people flow from the shop day-by-day.


CCTV System Product Brochure

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