LS Retail

LS Retail - LS ONE is a light, quick-to-learn and easy-to-customize retail POS software. Fast to implement and easy-to-use, LS Retail - LS ONE can benefit businesses of all sizes – from startups, to small and medium retailers, to larger businesses which can advantage from the full power of the platform.

LS Retail provide faster customer service, offer promotions and loyalty programs, manage your inventory more effectively and evaluate your business’s performance thanks to a suite of reporting and analysis tools. Enjoy superior levels of performance: our POS terminals can work both online and offline so that you do not have to worry any longer about connectivity problems.


LS Retail Easily Integrate with your Current ERP

LS Retail can be connected to any ERP system through its intelligent integration architecture. Use LS Retail as your front office, to handle your sales and customer-facing tasks. Thanks to the seamless flow of data from the ERP to the POS system you can rest assured that the POS will always have the most updated information on items, prices and discounts. Sales information also flows automatically from the POS to your ERP system, LS Retail ensuring that your key business data is always correct and up-to-date.


Reporting Made Easy

LS Retail offers powerful reporting functionalities to help you interpret and understand your sales data, and evaluate the status of your business. With LS Retail you can get reports on your top selling items, customer transactions, sales per hour/staff/ customer and more.

Get a clear insight into the state of your operations, set your targets and plan your business’s future.


Powerful Stock Control

With LS Retail you can have, at any moment, a complete overview of your stock level and purchase orders, both from head office and from your stores. Check the availability of specific items and easily arrange dispatch of extra products. Make your clients happy and insure their returning business by always having the most popular products in stock. LS Retail can even help you calculate which products you should order and in what quantities, so that you never risk to lose a sale because of out-of-stocks.


Loyalty Programs

LS Retail makes setting up and managing a loyalty program quick and easy.
Reach out to your customers and motivate them to return by rewarding them for their loyalty. With LS Retail - LS One you can effortlessly set up discounts and promotions, such as 2 for 1 offers, deal prices and multi-buy discounts. You can also decide to give personalized offers to each customer, LS Retail provides easily and fast as the system will take care of calculating discounts and prices.


Offline POS Functionality

With LS Retail you can enjoy the benefits and data availability of an online POS even in case of loss of network or back-office server downtime. Our flexible POS terminals can run efficiently even when offline, making them ideal also for businesses with connectivity problems. Even when the POS are running offline they are able to retrieve or update centralized data from the system, like information on gift cards or suspended transactions. When the connection return the system takes care of updating the back office with all the transaction information on the POS.

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