Retail System IS21


Industry: Retail System/ Wholesale

IS21 consists of a fully-integrated and functionally rich suite of systems including iPOS System, eBooking System, Roster System, CCTV System and People Count System to provide department store and chain stores of fashion, cosmetics, shoes, toys, watches, etc. with the key to increase productivity and more effective management. It is flexible in its options and functions, enabling extensive analysis with an easy user interface. The designed with the ability to track and report sales and inventory as well as collect customer information and sales history for marketing support. With the integration of accounting system, a company will have a fully integrated. Bar code support and polling are available.

Retail managers find that instant data-collection at the POS enables first hand market, sales and stock analyses and captures customer information with which to build databases for loyalty programs and sales promotions. The empowerment to perform more effective sales and stock analyses enhances in-store operations and helps to reduce inventory costs. The bottom-line benefit is an increase in sales.

Rich POS functionality shortens customer waiting time by enabling fast transactions, even when complex discount schemes and sales promotions are involved. In fact, streamlining the POS experience will become increasingly important as mainland consumers come to expect better service.

POS System
  • Sales Desk
  • Store Inventory
  • Service Redeem
  • Facial / Course booking
  • Finger Print Sign In/Out
  • Rewrite Card Program
  • Credit Card Integration
  • Octopus Card Integration
  • Warehouse Integration
  • Department Store Integration
Back Office System
  • Store Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Pricing & Promotion
  • Store Replenishment
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales & Margin Analysis
  • CRM
  • Account Integration
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Data Consolidation
  • ROTA System
  • Projection & Planning
Accounting System
  • Accounting Manager
  • General Ledger
  • Receivable/Payable
  • Budget Control
  • Financial Report
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